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You are all invited to attend Ts’ai Lun’s second bowling night of the year (free of charge if you’re a Ts’ai Lun member) which will be Wednesday, November 17th from 7:00 – 9:00 PM at Holiday Lanes in Kalamazoo. Again, this event has already been paid for if you’re a dues paying member of Ts’ai Lun. Pizza and beverages will also be provided.

Directions to the bowling alley will be in the link below:

PS: It’s right next to the Holiday Inn Hotel, so follow the white signs for the hotel and you won’t miss it.

  • Packaging Corporation Of America (PCA)
    • Chase Bouman (WMU Grad, Tomahawk Mill)
    • Roger Willis (Business Major from the Valdosta Mill)
    • John Keeler (Valdosta Mill)
    • Ron Zimmerman (Tomahawk Mill)
  • Subjects Discussed
    • They are one of the most financial sound paper companies in America, they have never seen the economic downfall
    • They need Process Engineers, badly
    • Projects they sampled
      • Recovery Boiler, they are 50% self sufficient now, by the end of next year they will be 100% self sufficient in respect to electricity, they will need no power from Georgia Power Company.  (Valdosta Mill)
      • They get all of the southern pine from within 50 miles- most of it is owned by private tree farmers.
    • They don’t waste their money on things they don’t need, they only pay for progress, projects, and success.
      • Just study it and get it done, they don’t see a need to make everything a PhD thesis
    • Chase Bouman told his story of working for the last 6 months in Tomahawk, WI
      • Chemical Engineer from WMU, went to work in a Paper Mill
      • Until his internship with PCA he never thought about how much his degree could apply to the chemical side or backing to the paper industry
    • A lot of mills are strategically located in the middle of nowhere.
      • They are not in a po-dunk town.
      • They have a small city with a small college
      • Five miles from the Florida border 10 miles outside the “city” of Valdosta
  • Valdosta
    • Looking for 8 Full times
    • Always looking for Co-ops
  • Tomahawk Mill
    • Small Community of about 3500 people and they employer the largest amount of people with the highest salaries in that area.
    • They are looking for Co-ops at this point in time.
      • They hire a lot of these for full time jobs, before they even graduate.
      • They give you a lot of experience working in the mill
      • Throughout the economic downfall, they have made no wage cuts, 401k cuts, etc. They have still been giving wage increases.

Meeting Notice and Update

There is a meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd featuring guest speaker David Blyth from Nalco who will discuss his career and options that are available for Paper/Chemical Engineering students to pursue  in fields of sales, R&D and technical jobs.

The meeting starts at 6:30 PM and is in the student societies room C-135. Please remember to bring your dues for the semester and earn points. We will also have t-shirts for sale.

Short sleeve:$10

Long Sleeve:$12

3 of Any Style:$25

The pictures from the 2010 TAPPI/PIMA student summit are posted.

2010 TAPPI/PIMA Student Summit

2/2/2010 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – 2/2/10

  1. Introductions by Andrew Loveland (Tsai Lun President)
  2. Fundraising by Phil Slesinski (Vice President)
    1. Potential Golf Outing:  Students, parents, and industry
      • Hopefully for mid-April
      • More info to come
    2. Will Norton- pop can drive around Parkview and residence halls
      • Danielle Boyd and Liz Bishop will ask Dean Vizzini permission
      • Will will get boxes together
    3. Emily Tomes-  Panda Express or Steak and Shake fundraisers. Selling candy bars.
    4. Nikki Perk-Paper sales, Could we do it again? Barnes and nobles- paper gift certificate that give us funds, contact store manager.
    5. Member Ideas
      • Send us emails with your great ideas to
  1. Emily Tomes- President of Gas wants a friendly rivalry- bowling etc. We will contact him for more info
    • Senior Prom, some people interested in helping and getting our name out there, get info for next meeting.
  2. Liz Bishop- Dues – $10 they must be paid to participate, this will be very strictly enforced. No dues, no participation and no points.
    • Contact Liz Bishop (Treasurer) to pay your dues. They must be paid by March 1st.
  3. Andrew Loveland- T-shirts will be sold and worth 5 points for every shirt you sell and pay for or buy for yourself or family members- $10 short sleeve, $12 Long sleeve, 3 shirts for $25
  4. Danielle Boyd (secretary) – If you can not make a meeting please let us know and review the meeting minutes. We can help you not lose points if you let us know that you can’t make it.
  5. Phil Slesinski- If our current meeting times don’t fit your schedule please email Phil. You can’t be upset about the meeting time if you don’t let us know the issue.
  6. Career Fair- February 4th – It is important for you to go, 40 engineering companies will be present to talk to.
  7. If  you have pictures from events for the website please send them to Danielle Boyd or Phil Slesinski
  8. Website- Our new and great website will be available by the end of the week we will be sending links to check it out. A lot of valuable information will be found here.
  9. Points System- it is still in effect and will be kept by Danielle Boyd. The number of points an event will be worth will be listed on the calendar under the event description.
  10. Nikki Perk’s You need to know this Info!
    • Scholarship application for PTF- be serious don’t just ignore the rules, they will be held strict and we will send them attendance lists. No cheating the system.
    • Otsego, MI- USG field trip March 19th 1-5pm Contact Nikki Perk for more info and to sign up.
    • Engineering week, attend some of the dinners, great networking
    • Lake states TAPPI meeting-  February 23 and 24 – email interest in going  to Nikki, it will be a 12 hour drive and from a Tuesday to Wednesday.
    • Join AICHE- maybe they can help us- and we can help them.
  11. Look into selling/purchasing Tsai Lun “candle holders” and coffee mugs
  12. TAPPI bumper stickers- send in your funny picture!
  13. TAPPI SCHOLARSHIPS- , please apply!
  14. Potential Retreat opportunity to Pretty Lake – include all PCI student organizations in a friendly teambuilding event at pretty lake.
  15. Will Norton- Sledding with the Whimsicality Club, more info to come on email

End of meeting

Our new website

Welcome to the new Ts’ai Lun website. This is going to be a blog style page so we can bring the updates to everyone more clearly and efficiently. The links on the right contain our officers contact info, photo album links, and our upcoming calendar.